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Pottery ToGoKits

Paint from Home | Curbside pick up and drop off |  All supplies and instructions included

Paint Colors
Specialty Glazes


1.  Order pottery online and select your paint colors.

2.  Paint your pottery in the convenience of your home!

3.  Return your pottery in the bag with your name on it to the studio's curbside drop off bin.

4.  We will text you within 2 weeks when your pottery is ready to pick up.


Each Pottery To Go Kit comes with a specified number of paint colors included with the kit.  You can specify your color choices during the ordering process or we will include the most popular colors for each kit.

Paint Colors

Additional Paint Colors


We are happy to provide additional paint colors for you at $1/color to be purchased separately.

Christmas Tree Specialty Glazes


Certain kits, like the Christmas Trees and Vintage Truck, include specialty glazes, tools and paint mediums to complete the project.  Read your kits description carefully, so you specify your paint preferences correctly!


Pick Up:  You will recieve an email when your pottery is ready for pick up.  Curbside pick up is available anytime for your convenience.  We have a pick up bin located under the covered parking area in our parking lot at the back of the studio.  You can access our parking area off McKibben Street.  Our address is 310 E. South Main St, Waxhaw, NC.

Drop Off:  Paint your pieces at home then return them in the provided bag with your name and number on it.  Drop your bags off in our drop off bin under our covered parking area.  Our drop off bin is avialable anytime.  You can text me at 704.962.0913 to let me know your pieces are ready to be fired if you like but I check the bin regularly.  I text you when your pieces have been glazed and fired and are ready for their final curbside pick up.

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