Kids Classes

Teen and Adult Experiences

Birthdays and Private Group Sessions

Pottery Wheel Throwing

Kids Pottery Classes

Students 7-12 years old

Tuesdays 3:30 - 4:30 pm

​October 5 - Nov 9th

Students will watch a live artist demonstration at the beginning of each class, then practice the techniques and project for that class during the instructor-led practice time.  Students will spend one session painting their pieces.  All pieces will be fired and available for pick up about two weeks after the last class.

$168 for 6 classes  Book A Class

Teen Pottery Classes

We offer 2 options for teens!


Our Teen Art Workshop Series includes 8 immersion workshops designed especially for teens interested in exploring a variety of arts including pottery wheel throwing, clay sculpting, fiber arts and painting!  Each workshop will feature a project that will give your student hands-on experience with each type of art.  8 workshops for $360/student

The 2nd options is our Pottery Wheel Throwing Experiences for teens and adults.  See description below. 

pottery wheel throwing experience

Teen and Adults

Fridays evenings and Saturday afternoons

Our 1.5-hr Pottery Wheel Throwing experience includes a live demonstration and instructor-led practice time on the pottery wheels.  Learn the fundamentals of pottery wheel throwing under the twinkling light of our outdoor, covered Pottery Pavilion.  Most people make 2-3 pieces including bowls, cups and vases, which we will fire for you.  Once your pieces are fired, you can make a studio appointment to use our specialty glazes to paint your pieces for $15/hr. 

$45/person  Book A Class

Plan a Group Session or party

Kids: 1 hour experience, $30/person

Teen and Adults:  1.5 hours experience, $45/person

Make it a Party:  Add an optional 30 min party time for food and drinks that you bring, $50 room reservation fee required

Capacity: Min 4 people, max 12 people

Watch a live throwing demonstration, then enjoy instructor-led practice time on the wheels creating bowls, cups and vases! We will fire all the pieces you create.  Then, you can paint them in the studio for $15/hour per person.


Make it a party, and let us take care of the setup and clean up for you! We will provide an extra table for gifts and the food/drink you bring.  Guests can bring their own adult beverages.

Request a Pottery Pavilion Reservation 


Kristin Mitchell

Owner, Art Box Ceramics and Canvas

(call or text) 704.962.0913


Make an appointment to stop by the studio to see the party room and select your project!