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Fired Arts + Pottery Summer Camp

Updated Camp Policies and Procedures


Deposits:  All deposits are fully refundable or transferrable (your choice), if the Art Box needs to move or cancel summer camp due to a COVID-19 related issue.  


If you need to cancel your session and have already paid your balance, your payment less the deposit will be refunded if we are notified in writing three weeks prior to the start of camp. Please provide written notice by email at

Transfers:  If you would like to change your child's camp dates & times, please let us know in writing at least one week prior to the start of camp by sending an email to  We will be happy to accommodate your request if there is available space.  


Curbside Drop Off: We will be doing curbside drop off and pick up.  Please wait in your car and we will bring your child to you.  Our parking lot is behind the studio off McKibben Street.

We will perform a daily health screening assuring that each camper is healthy and symptom free.

Health screening will include:

  1. We will ask, "Has your child had a fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat or diarrhea?"  if so, they cannot attend.

  2. We will take your child's temperature to ensure that it is normal.  If it is elevated (100.4 or higher), they cannot attend.

In order to limit the number of people inside the studio, we will escort your child in and out of the studio.

On the first day of camp, the check in process may take a bit longer.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.  We will make every effort to collect all payments and paperwork ahead of time to avoid slowing down the check in line, and also to limit the amount of contact that we have with each parent.  

Curbside Pick Up:  We ask you to remain in your car for curbside pick up.  We will escort your camper to your car for pick up in the order that parents are parked.

Hand washing/sanitizing procedures:

We will be taking hand washing/sanitizing breaks throughout the day. These breaks will include (but not limited to):

  1. Upon arrival

  2. Before and after lunch break

  3. Before dismissal

  4. After sneezing or coughing


We will be utilizing all of our studio space inside Eight Legs Gallery to provide distanced assigned seating for our campers.

We have three rooms Students will keep the same seat each day of camp, reducing the spread of germs from workspace to workspace.


Campers will receive a set of studio supplies that have been sanitized at the beginning of camp that will be theirs for the duration of camp.  Communal supplies like paint will be handled and distributed by staff.  


Campers will be asked to bring lunch and a drink each day to camp.  Their lunch break will take place at their assigned seat and their table will be disinfected before their lunch break takes place.

Face masks:

We will not be requiring face masks to be worn during art camp.  In order to instruct our campers most effectively, our instructors will not be wearing face masks.  If you prefer that your child wear a face mask during camp, we will certainly hour that request.  Please note that we are happy to encourage your child to continue to wear their face mask during camp hours, but we cannot be held responsible if they consistently want to take it off.  We are happy to have a conversation with the parent and support you the best we can.  We are all in this together!

Daily cleaning procedures:

At the conclusion of camp each day, we will preform a studio disinfecting routine that includes:

  1. Disinfecting all surfaces (tables, countertops, chairs)

  2. Disinfecting all reusable art supplies

  3. Disinfecting all door knobs, light switches and handles

  4. Disinfecting the bathroom

General Health Policy:

Campers and staff with a temperature greater than 100.4 and no known COVID-19 exposure will be sent home and shall not return until they have had no fever for 3 days without the use of a fever reducing medication.  

Anyone suspected to have or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, should remain isolated at home until at least 7 days after symptoms onset AND at least 72 hours after symptoms resolution (absence of fever without the use of fever-reducing medication and improvement in respiratory symptoms), whichever is longer.

Some project supplies and instructions may be packed up for your camper to complete at home.  They can be pickup curbside.


Clothing:  Wear old clothes that can get paint on them. Closed-toed shoes are recommended since we will be under the outdoor, covered pottery pavilion for some activities. Masks are recommended.

Behavior:  We strive to create an environment for fun and creativity during summer camp.  If your child’s behavior becomes inhibiting to other campers’ experience, we will address the issue with you and your child, but reserve the right to prohibit their attendance without a refund.


Photo release:  Art Box Ceramics and Canvas will take photos of your child and their projects to use on social media for marketing purposes.


Release of liability: By enrolling your child for camp, you are releasing Art Box Ceramics and Canvas and its associates of any risk of liability associated with your child’s attendance and participation in camp and other related activities.  

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