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Fan brushes are excellent for painting a wash of color over a large area.  In the studio, I love using this brush to add a bold wash of color on the inside of a bowl or jar.  I always recommend this brush for painting the inside of the Star Lanterns because it's wide bristles can reach the inside of the lanterns neck that is hard for other brushes to reach.


Studio Fan Brushes are the same brushes we use in the studio.  These brushes have been gently used in the studio.  They will be cleaned and dissinfected but you may still see some signs of wear on them.  You are purchasing these brushes so there is no need to worry about returning them.  All Pottery To Go Kits inlcude a disposable brush, but this brush is intended to give more options to the discerning artist.


How to make a wash of color:  Add a little bit of water at a time to your paint to thin it out to a thin soup consistency.  Then apply one to two coats of the wash to your surface with a fan brush.  Be intentional about your brush stroke directions (usually around in a circle or straight up and down) as you will see them since there are only two thin coats of paint on the surface.  (It takes three coats to make a solid color.)

Studio Fan Brush

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