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How It Works:

1.  Order pottery and select your delivery option (curbside, front porch delivery or shipping).

2.  Paint your pottery in the convenience of your home!

3.  Return your pottery in the bag with your name on it to the studio.

4.  We will text you within 2 weeks when your pottery is ready to pick up.


Curbside Pick Up/Drop Off Available:

We have curbside pick up and drop off bins for your convenience - even after hours.  The bins are located off McKibben Street under the covered parking area at the back of the studio.  


Kit Includes:

  • Instructions with pro painting tips
  • Studio Vintage Brush Kit Includes 3 brushes (Large Square Brush for applying glaze on the Tree Top, Medium Square Brush for painting the Base, Linear Brush for detail work)
  • Studio Tool Kit - Pipe cleaners for clearing holes, Q-tips for touch ups, and Palette Knife for applying snow 
  • 1 Christmas Tree Top Glaze Color
  • 3 Christmas Tree Base Paint Colors
  • Fired Snow (textured medium that fires to look like snow)
  • Light Kit - multicolored bulbs and wiring kit included  - we will add this in when you pick up your fired piece.  Additional White Lights are available for purchase separately.


Paint Colors:

You can choose your paint colors from the list below!  If you don't select any colors, we will include our most popular colors:  Hunter Green for the Tree Top Glaze and Birght Red and Silver Glitter for the Tree Base Colors, plus Black for any lettering or detail work.


Tree Top Glazes (pick 1):  Hunter Green, Blue Spruce, Dark Green Glitter, Light Green Glitter, Silver Glitter, Gold Glitter (or any color from the Tree Base Colors)


Tree Base Colors (pick 3):  Bright Red, Wine, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Dark Green, Sky Blue, Teal, Dark Blue, Lavender, Dark Purple, Light Pink, Bright Pink, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Brown, Taupe (Skin color), White, Silver Glitter, Gold Glitter, Lime Green/Blue Fleckles


Additional paint colors:  We are happy to provide additional paint colors for you at $1/color to be purchased separately.


Measurements:  13" H with base x 8½" Dia.

Large Christmas Tree (13 Inch) Pottery To Go Kit

  • Please return pottery to be glazed and fired within 30 days of pick up to ensure a quick firing time.

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